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Shane Fozard - Founder & Creator

I've been waiting to release this for quite some time. My name is Shane Fozard, founder of Australian Success Academy and World Class Hypnosis Scripts Online Training program.

Over the last few years, I've trained over 6500 people in how to use Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis to overcome all sorts of challenges, such as smoking, alcohol, weight-gain, long-term pain, lack of confidence and many others, including depression.

When I first started out as a Hypnotherapist, I was disappointed at the lack of quality in most of the Hypnosis Scripts that were on offer. I set out with a mission - to find the formula to create the most advanced and high quality Hypnosis scripts, and to then to make then available to others.

I've now created well over 100 Hypnosis scripts, that are used by Hypnotherapists world-wide, and these scripts also generate an additional income as well.

I would like to pass on this powerful hypnotic skillset on to you. Why?

Because I want to facilitate a change in the industry. I want more people to have greater access to higher quality tools and resources to counter the 'junk' scripts that are out there. And I want you to share in the success that I have experienced due to using this skill.



This is a limited release of this program, to ensure that we can support and nurture everyone involved to achieve success both personally and financially from writing World Class Hypnosis Scripts. Registration to join this program will close in a few days time.

Course Outline

  • Module 1 - Program Overview
  • Module 2 - Basic Hypnotic Writing Skills Development
  • Module 3 - Pre-Induction Script Creation
  • Module 4 - Develop Client's Leverage and Motivation
  • Module 5 - Facilitate Unconscious & Emotive Goals Setting
  • Module 6 - Create Direct & Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Module 7 - Construct Powerful Multiple Embedded Metaphors

Easily master these skills...

By signing up for the World Class Hypnosis Scripts Online program you will learn...

Create Advanced Multiple Embedded Metaphors.

You will learn the skill that the great Milton Erickson was so renowned for - telling powerful metaphors. You will soon realise how easy you can masterfully craft three transformational stories that are hypnotically woven together.

Not only will you help your client make positive changes, but your metaphors will also offer a wonderfully, vivid & memorable experience for your client.

Create Transformational Direct Suggestions & Commands

Deliver influential Direct Suggestions, Post Hypnotic Suggestions and commands, addressing your client's triggers, unwanted behaviours and the emotional consequences, providing the keys to open up the new problem-free future !

Increase Their Motivation to Change

Discover how you can hypnotically give your client the psychological edge by increasing their unconscious desire to change the unwanted behaviour. Also lead your client to immerse themselves, vividly experiencing the fantastic delights of their imagination.

Sign up now to get these added bonuses...

Flash Reading™ - Hypnotic Speed Reading Audio Program - worth $115

  • Would you like to learn how to speed read?
  • Imagine being able to increase your reading speed by 300% within the first 10 minutes of learning how?

Flash Reading is a program that combines the power of some of the most advanced Speed Reading Strategies to develop a significant improvement in your reading speed, assisted with a Hypnosis Audio Program that is specifically designed to unconsciously support you in reading much faster without affecting your comprehension.

Rapid Allergy Release™ - Training Video - worth $49

Discover the unbelievable transformational power of the human mind, in helping people overcome an allergy, using the Rapid Allergy Release.

For many people this powerful process reduces and for some completely removes the symptoms of non-life threatening allergies. So if you know anyone that suffers from asthma, hayfever, or is allergic to animal hair or dust, then you need to learn this process and help them achieve a better quality of life.

The Rapid Allergy Release is a video training that last approx 60 minutes, detailing the entire process and how you can make slight variations to it, depending on your client's needs.

WARNING: This WILL sell out!

This is your opportunity to get the competitive edge and make a name for yourself as the Expert Hypnotherapist.

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