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Finally! One of Australia’s Most Engaging Hypnosis Trainers Will Reveal To You The Power Of Hypnosis, How 8 Simple Steps Can Help You To Lose Weight Naturally & Fast, To Improve Your Confidence Easily, To Quit Smoking Immediately, To Make More Money in Less Time And To Reduce Pain In Your Body…
All In One Weekend!

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these questions, then your life is about to change!

Hi, my name’s Shane Fozard and I have important information that CAN immediately HELP YOU easily overcome your hardest obstacles, once you learn some very powerful tools.

I’m here to tell you that there are some very simple secrets to Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy that when learnt and applied in your life, you will achieve greater levels of success in your relationships, your personal health, and your business and money.

It is worth one weekend in your life to learn some of the most valuable tools your ever learn, that you can use everyday for the rest of your life, isn’t it?

I have personally used these powerful mind tools to remove bad habits, to overcome fears, and to create a life of design and the great news is that I will reveal the step-by-step approach, by giving you the opportunity to SPEND A FULL 2.5 DAYS with me and the Australian Success Academy Team in your capital city, but only if you hurry! Tickets are limited!

Here is Just Some of What You’ll Learn

  • Learn and Apply the 5 Secrets to Guaranteeing Your Clients of a Successful Hypnotherapy Session
  • Learn How To Learn and vastly improve your retention and comprehension of anything you ever learn again!
  • Instantly Feel the benefits of Hypnotherapy in a relaxing and safe environment
  • Apply the 8 Steps in Successfully applying Hypnotherapy to a client
  • Discover how easy it is to find the ‘right’ Clients to work with
  • Find how why your Friends and Family will be some of your toughest clients
  • Discover the Most Important Trait shared by the World’s Most Successful Leaders
  • Demystify Hypnosis, peeling back the curtain on Stageshows and find out why Hypnosis is so safe
  • Understand how to effectively communicate with your Unconscious Mind to get real results
  • Determine which of the common Behavioural Driving Forces are impacting your life the most and how you can change this
  • Gain insights into how to read people’s body language and what it means
  • Learn the keys to creating change in people regarding Losing Weight, to Quit Smoking and Reduce Pain in their body.

“…this is the best course I have ever attended. Loved it!”

We have a long history of satisfied Graduates from all over Australia – see our Testimonials for details.
Take a life-changing step into the new world of the power of the unconscious mind!

As you can see, there is a lot on offer here. This information could not just help you quickly overcome your problems, but it can also easily save you 10’s to 100’s of thousands of $$$ too… by improving your Health and Relationship. It’s worth it even if it just saves you from making just one mistake. So may I suggest you fast-track your success and click the button below to secure your seat right now:

“Loved Every Minute of It”
“This weekend has been so enlightening and fun! I would go back to do it again and continue to study this in a heartbeat!!! Loved every minute of it!!”
– Dayna Sinclair, Adelaide, SA

“Highly recommend your course…”
“Attended another hypnosis course and found that they did not cover half of what you did so am very grateful as this has given me a more confidence. Very pleased there was no hard sell and will highly recommend your course. Many thanks.”
— Madeleine Pearman, Brisbane QLD

“What an experience!”
“What an experience! It opened my eyes to the real power of the mind. I was so lucky to have first hand experience and was amazed how my thoughts on foods could be changed instantly. A highly recommended course. Thanks to all.”
– Heather Riley, Adelaide, SA

“Was surprised by how much I enjoyed the course!”
“I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the course, how much I learnt. And the personal growth I achieved. Would highly recommend it to everyone.”
— Antonella Di Virgilio, Perth WA

“I was amazed by how much content we covered!”
“As a skeptic at the beginning of the course, I was amazed by my personal experience of hypnosis, in terms of it’s effectiveness and my understanding. The course was concise and I was amazed by how much content and practical content we covered over the weekend.”
— Ming C, Melbourne, VIC

“Learned how to Hypnotise Myself!”
“I enjoyed the new teachings. I wanted to learn how to hypnotise myself and others and got that info. I am looking forward to being more productive with my new momentum. Thank you.”
— Dalia Isles, Sydney, NSW

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Your current life conditions are a reflection of your standards in life, so make a commitment to yourself today, and set new standards by investing your yourself now.

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