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Create Powerfully Hypnotic Scripts

Discover the formula to creating a powerfully effective Hypnosis Script, that is far superior to most other Hypnosis Scripts available in the market.

Here is what you'll learn

  • Learn Hypnotic Language Patterns

    Discover the power of Hypnotic Language Patterns and how these can be used throughout your script to take your client into a deep state of trance.

  • Develop Vivid Sensations

    Lead your client to immerse themselves, vividly experience the fantastic delights of their imagination.

  • Create Hypnotic Momentum

    Direct your client, developing unconscious momentum to build on success and to allow change to easily occur.

  • Compose Transformational Metaphors

    Discover the art to composing deeply transformational and creative metaphors, helping the client to grow and change, even without realising it!

And you will also learn...

  • Increase Their Motivation to Change

    Discover how you can hypnotically give your client the psychological edge by increasing their unconscious desire to change the unwanted behaviour.

  • Emotionally Associate To Future Goals

    Create a compelling future for your client, helping them to become more inspired to achieve their outcome.

  • Construct Direct Suggestions & Commands

    Deliver influential Direct Suggestions, Post Hypnotic Suggestions and commands, providing the key to open up the new problem-free future!

Increase Your Prestige, Become an Expert and Create Passive Income

FREE training video shows how to create World Class Hypnosis Scripts, gaining a deeper understanding of Hypnotic Language, creating passive income, and contributing to hundreds if not thousands of people. Why purchase hypnosis scripts only to find you are disappointed with the quality, when you can learn to write your own World-Class Hypnosis Scripts.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you